Retiring from BD

I moved to college yesterday and so am going to try and quit BD along with that. I’d have liked to continue with e2 but my activity has been almost zero for days now due to certain circumstances, which is a shame, I was really enjoying and doing well in the era. I know most people here really dislike me but thank you guys for making the game enjoyable/horrible/rewarding/expensive/time consuming/addictive over the years. I haven’t read this new update but I hope it fixes a lot of the games problems, continues to innovate and attract new players and that the game has continued success.
A huge thanks to Stark and my team who I’ve been with every era for three years now through the incredible highs and lows, and whilst I can’t wish most people good luck in BD terms I wish you all good luck in personal terms.
Thank you and goodbye :kissing_heart:


I know I said it on skype but I’ll miss you man :slight_frown:

No one can bully me quite as well as you do



i like barely knew you

but bye

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I know we’ve had our own personal conflicts over the years, Alfie, but I truly am going to miss you. I’m eternally thankful to have had the opportunity to play alongside you so many times. You are (or were should I say now) one of the best and most underrated players. I wish nothing but the best for you in real life, don’t be dumb and play BD through undergrad like I did. It’s just not worth it, go out and enjoy life!


Who is gonna be salty on my posts now? Tbh i was pretty fond of you when we first met and those few eras we were pals in. I’ve made up with Zelet, Carter, Nopy, and Zain. You are the only one left that was salty. BD will become a monopoly now, with nobody left to challenge me. At least get on once in awhile to insult me or something. Love you…


Only got the chance to play one era with you, but the salt you insinuate between people is certainly unique, good luck alfie

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Good luck in college Alfie. I think you made the right decision here. As Sakrie said, focus on your classes and life as an undergrad student. Being stuck to a computer screen is a mistake at this point in your life.

Hopefully BD is still here when you are done and if you wish, you can make a comeback down the years. (there’s also summer vacation/winter vacation etc) :stuck_out_tongue:


its sad to see the person that almost got me my first era win go but i guess things happen bye and good luck