Result of 7 Premium Boxes


So,I had 553 tokens.I saved them up from RAID,quests and today I even bought a couple as well.

This is the result:

This is miserable!

553 tokens is a good amount.
So,as you can see,this is rubbish.Not even close to worth 553 tokens!
Don’t say that Face Hugger or Void is a good catch,as I already had them.
6 epics,2 more useful (but not good enough since they’re just epics) and 4 garbage ones.
Just one legendary,and the most useless one of them all!
I would have been happy even with 2-3 garbage legends.Myth food…But this must be a joke.

Think twice before buying,as you might buy more than I did and get even worse :exclamation:


Just open a premium pack…


I am sick!

  • 553 tokens and my money wasted on nothing!
  • Now I also saw the new weapon and its stats,which disappointed me even further…
  • The 2x speed in pvp is giving me no more satisfaction.
  • The random quitting bug is killing me!
  • The drops were SO BAD for me this entire month that I made little to no progress,playing every day!


I doubt it would have changed much…
I heard in a thread that buying separate boxes gives you a little better of a chance to legend.
Packs are cheaper overall but I wanted to go for more ‘‘precision’’.


You can gather coins and wait for sale lol


I realized that in some moments the game gives you more chance of legend. as at 8 I got 2 legend in primiun box, but epic-legend, in another account I got the legs of bigboy, this rate is a roll.


Oof. If only you can use the Power Units as a Mythical Fuel.


during sale , chances of legendaries are dropped mind you


Holy quack… Still seeking for Void… REALLY?!


I maybe buy a PP, and if no Void, I break my keyboard.


You might end up like me and ruin your whole day.


That fact I got Blue Madness from last one, make you right.
That fact I got SeraphBlade from some one, make me right.
Who I need to trust?


you should have bought the premium pack…you would have saved at least 35 tokens


Thx, Sean.
Now I feel better.
Started to keep 335 T.
Maybe, will be legendary or Void.


I would have gotten garbage for 508 tokens instead 553 yay!
Yeah,maybe I should have.
Even so,what’s done is done :'D
And the fact that I got pure crap doesn’t change…


Let’s try the maths:
75 x 5 = 375
375 - 335 = 45

Conclusion: you save 45 token by buying the premium pack instead of buying 5 premium boxes


Yeah…But buying separate boxes offers higher legendary chance.
I wouldn’t trade 45 tokens for lower chance.


Who said this?


oh…I didn’t know that premium boxes have a higher chance of legendries


No it doesn’t lol