Restarting campaign after level 150


1-first the first should be able to restart the campaign level 150 is not useful … at all
2-second should give a mythic legend insured, it was a disappointment that in all the levels that I had only 1 time they gave me legend and it was a crap of windigo
3-after restarting the campaign you may be able to invest your experience to buy boxes / tokens as it continues to accumulate


What. Windigo is not a bad Torso. This part is off topic, but I just HAVE to quote it. Windigo is one of my favorite torsos, and I really don’t appreciate the hate. Also, I do kind of agree with you that it should reset.

How about resetting your level too? Like, not all the way down. To about 75, half of your level. I think we should also do reseting for about 3 or times.


you know very well that a wendigo is not what you expect when it is a legend, I have already left windigos more than 3 times in leyends for that reason and come to hate it like the chiamera, and it is not out of topic I propose ideas and complaints
I have the worst luck


Then myth it.

Also,I agree with the idea.


That would be awesome if every time you restarted every level gives you better thing’s


I like the restarting idea!


i use windigo and i agree i only get epics i thought i would get a legendary