Restart level and campaign

there should be a global restart so that the top players will not match, but they are losing the players because new players can not advance or reach that top ranking, or that another clan will be ranked 1 except reign and others not to mention There are some clans. So whoever makes comments and supports me

Thanks in advance.

I have no idea about what you wanted to say. You may want to clarify your point.

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So you want top players to stop playing?


I did not think that everything was restarted so that everyone returned to zero to start from the beginning

I do not want to stop playing than to allow someone else to become a top player

So you want another #sm reloaded?

Pls no!


It’s not a good idea to do something like that, it would take away the grace of the game

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then they will upload a new campaign

I do not want to get reloaded but to re-start the course level ranks and insert a new campaign

good idea the guys no supprt and get a report good idea fuck1ng onii chan reseting the campaing ¬¬

I repeated the campaign this boredom broke myself I’m not having what I do and most of the press is so we need a new campaign

sarah come here :venezuela: :v

whattttttttttttttttt xO xO

are you kidding me right now?

Restart/Reset SuperMechs :exclamation:


Do you like it or not

Are you high, sm gonna lose half of players again

Whats problem with Level? level only give more energy in campaign, Lvl 1 can be top players if they have awesome items

Please dont give bad idea

If you not grind in campaign you don’t have maxed mechs