Resistance vs plating


hi people. should i use maximum protector or one more plating. resistance sometimes rescues me but many of the weapons breaks resistance and breaks my mech
what can i do? here is the maximum protector

and total resistances


lucky you got one of those. :wink:


you have really cool platinum multi resistance. many of us dont have this you should keep this on. because there is many weapon which do not break resistance like corrupt light malice beam last words nemo and many more side n upper weapon.
i suggest give it more priority upgrade it to myth max.


Resistance module legendary is better than epic HP plates…but if you have Legend HP plate then it depends on your mech, I have neither of them, but I prefer epic HP module more than epic resistance module


this module cant stand against like the annihilation , supreme cannon etc. but perfect aginst drones and lasers


The real question is… do you have legendary-myth HP plates? If your answer is no… clearly you HAVE to use this.


no i have only maxed iron plates


Then use the Maximum Protector module, no questions asked. :slight_smile: