Resistance or HP?

Can somebody possibly work out 1 Resistance = x HP? In terms of value equivalence of course.

Would be great to know the actual game value of this mysterious factor.

Thanks in advance!

It depends on too many things… like your opponents weapon, your energy cap (because the resistance doesnt effect the plus nrg damage of a weapon).

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That depends:

  • In campaign mode and raid, your resistance is reset to its full value after each encounter. Therefore it saves some HP in campaign mode and helps you to get a better raid score. The HP value differs with the number of enemies you have to face - but it helps more than in the arena.
  • In the Arena, nothing will reset. Therefore the HP value depends on the number of hits your mech takes. A max myth protector saves you 59 HP per hit if it matches the damage type of your opponent. So if you take more than 3 hits, it’s worth more than a maxed iron plating.

Imho, resistance helps more in campaign mode and especially in the raid. Don’t bother using epic resistance modules in the arena…


Put in another way, which is better; myth plate or Maximum Protector, which would you rather equip?

Both… :wink:

I would look at the weight first. If you have 40-43kg space, answer is clear.
39 resis vs 315 hp. Plating equals 8 hits on Protector.
What mech do you play?
Heat mech with overheating your enemy -> more hits -> Protector
Energy mech with low hp and three Bunker Shells -> less hits -> Plate

Feel free to correct me


Lucky for me :wink:

I play a rocket/shotgun heat build and my matches are somewhat prolonged. I sometimes feel that it doesn’t help much though, and the weight is very awkward. But sometimes it does a great job in nerfing weapons, especially the Void drone. I have still to max it out, so I definitely think it will be a great mod eventually.

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2 hits per turn + drone = 117 dmg per turn
So if u can afford weight, def protector

EDIT: also, mathematically, they act as a percentage increase of health (not actually),
so generally more health=more reason for protector, while a low health mech might be better off with plate. Also u can equip 1 max res, with unlimited plates, so take that into consideration.


I remember it from previous version … I had 3 mechs with resistance and I could win mechs that were 20% more HP than me … in this version it’s the same, only max resistance is need, means mythical