Resistance or extra hp?


So,I’m wondering…Which one would work better with my physicals?
As you can see,they are both,more or less,work in progress,Zarkares especially.
So, should I give’em both another Iron Plating or leave the Saviour Resistance?
Or,should I do that and replace the Iron plating if I get a L-M resistance module?

  • Keep the Saviour Resistance on them
  • Replace with Iron Plating permanently
  • Replace with Iron Plating until you get a L-M resistance module

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L-M resistance example

if you have only iron platings you can use premium resistance module but savior resistance is not effective ( also the multi resistance module is heavy 51KG )


Well,that’s what I was thinking but not sure…
That why I could use some more points of view.
Thanks for replying :slight_smile:


Since you have a lot of HP, on the long term, you’ll save at least as much hp with protector instead of savior…

But a L-M Savior is better XD

(I didn’t the math, so it’s approximatly ^^)


I prefer extra HP, the epic protector isn’t of much use and is just extra weight,


I know the L-M module is better,but I don’t know if/when I would get one…
And Saviour Resistance doesn’t give that much either…
I did the maths and it would be just a little better using a plate than using a sav.
However,using a L-M res is much better than a plate,but that’s super hard to get.
I’m still unsure about what should I go for,but thanks too :slight_smile:


if i find a L-M plating i will replace immediately with resistance


Unless it’s the legendary-myth resistance module go with hp