Resistance go down before or after damage happens?


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I’m trying understand how weapon resistance decrease works. The resistence get down right before the weapon deals dmg, or right after the opponent got dmg?

Now i show my idea.

Opponent stats:
HP: 800
P.resistance +20

" - " i’m using this symbol below. It’s a “minus” symbol.

I’m attacking opponent mech using a physical weapon tht deals 200dmg x hit and decrease by 3 physical resistance each hit.

-Will i deal to my opponent 180dmg(200dmg-Oppenent_P.resistance)(1st the system deals dmg & 2nd it gets P.resistance decreased)?
-Will i deal to my opponent 183dmg(200dmg-Oppenent_P.resistace+P.resistanceImDecreasingByWeapHit)(system decrease resistance value 1st, than deals dmg)?

So i’m trying understand if do I benefict resistance decreasing before the attack hits opponent mechs, OR Do I benefict it after the attack hits opponent?

Ty for any answer, sorry for my bad english


If main post isn’t clear, lmk.
I try formulate it in a easier way


I understand what you meant by that.
It adds to the damage AFTER you hit and drain resistance.
So,the first hit will drain resistance but won’t do any extra damage.
The second hit and so on will do extra damage given the previous drains.


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So is 1 resistanve = 1 HP ?


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I’ll talk in an algorithmical way since I you used it too and I know you’ll understand it:

1 resistance = 1 hit point IF resistance value > 0

After resistance value < 0,then every hit will do base damage - (resistance value) which is in this case negative,- x (-) = +

So,after resistance value < 0,every turn you’d take an extra of
[(resistance value) x N] hp
N is the number of hits takes that turn.
N = [0,1,2,3] - opponent can hit at least 0 zero times,at most 3,if he has a drone activated -

Goes the other way around if resistance value > 0.
Instead,you’d save [(resistance value) x N] hp.

Pretty simple,right?


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I’ve wondered this too… and I’ve always felt like it lowers the resistance first then does damage



According how it displays on screen, it does dmg 1st, than decrease the resistance.

But i had to be sure about it asking here on forum


Ty again!!! it’s perfectly working how i thought, so i shouldn’t have problems to calculate the output dmg.

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