Resigning from AANC


It is with a heavy heart that I am resigning from the AANC. Being able to teach new players the ropes and work with the AANC program was a dream of mine, but I guess all dreams can’t work out. This is not because I do not like the goal of the program, to acclimate new players to the Battle Dawn environment, but instead because I refuse to be a part of a program that protects a player that destroyed and era specifically meant for new players to meet others and learn how to play Battle Dawn out of pure spite.

I will continue to teach new players in game and help them how to love Battle Dawn, but on my own terms and with my own friends.

-Jazz #fluxfamforlife


Shame to hear this Jazz.

We all are here to try to improve the game, I’d hope that we especially can understand that an era is just an era, and how we help the game is our choice.

The very attempt of it is a noble thing, the program holds no opinion to my knowledge (though it also does not punish a player for on era actions – trying to good is good in and of itself).

Obviously this program is up to Elcent, Energy. Personally though, I think its a huge shame for someone to leave like that. Resolve should be stronger. The game is not one era.

– I think almost everyone agrees that what happened in this particular era is a huge shame, and I wish I had built something into it to prevent it from happening, but it remains one era.

I am grateful that you will keep helping BD in your own way, and especially grateful for all the people in the AANC and MT working tirelessly to make this game better for everyone. To me, that sort of thing makes someone a hero. :slight_smile:

Closing this topic for now, it wouldn’t be constructive for a newb to come to the forum and see people resigning. Hope that makes sense. :stuck_out_tongue: Would raise the wrong idea.