⋆ Reset Campaign? No Epics or Legendary? ⋆

-You cannot get any epics on the last mission now. 9-10-2017

My campaign is almost done and I have no way of getting boxes other then opening boxes for 75 tokens and even then it’s usually epic. This game is frustrating because I can’t get anything good or get ahead without any tokens. I am level 37 any tips or help anyone?

  • My idea is to reset campaign so you can get the boxes that comes along with the mission.

edit: Just got this 9/12/2017 2 Epics


Agreed , devs are just greedy and want REAL money from us so we can get good.

Nope cya im not paying anything.

Add 2 epic / 1 legendary at the last mission back @Sarah247


the last mission is tough… we should at least get epics from it.

getting a random legendary to drop is also nice.

But 3 commons? O_O


how about 3 legacy commons -.-

This is a massive issue tactisoft, i can sympathize as a fellow coder about monetary gains but if your game and player base is dying you wont get any. To make a Free game fun and fair while still getting revenue you need to find a balance between giving and taking.

You wont just magically gain extra cash from people buying premium boxes just because big boy is gone, No instead there going to realize that the last few updates have all been aimed at monetary gain and therefore so will the ones in the future and will start to switch to other games where this “balance” is more fair.

I dont like being one of those players who go ranting about every update but this is a serious issue which you devs should really address. dont see that the game is slowing down so you should just milk the last few pennies out of it instead ask the community whats wrong and get to the source of such problems and keep the game going for longer.

Im not saying hand out 100 Prem boxes to everyone but removing the only “sustainable” way to get high level items (This itself is not easy and changing the reward for this big grind for most players was a very bad move) really just hit the game whilst its down.

Hope you listen to this and change a few things in this game, Much appreciation for listing to me :wink:


You still have hope, after tacticsoft did NOT listen to any player since 4 - 5 years ?

WOW you must be a very positiv person !


SM is slowly turning into an MMORPG lol

Even pay-to-win MMORPGs are better than this, at least they won’t throw your years of playtime outta the window…

I have been a great defender of the update untill this point because I genuinely believed it was a great step forward, the possibility for being rewarded any of the greatest items through hard work in the bigboy mission was a big part of that support. I assumed the super mechs team understood the great thing they had done in making every item obtainable through a lot of hard work in the campaign, but I see now that I was mistaken. not even I can defend this move. nobody can defend this move.

please reconsider @Sarah247