Research Program to get expected Items

  • I Agree,It’s Increase in Money-Saving and Decrease in Money-Spending.
  • I Disagree,The game would be better without it.

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This Research and Development ideas was about to change your way to getting items from shop,

Back earlier when SuperMech has a shop that contains items with variable price, we can easily buy anything there.

Since the old shop was removed from the game and replaced with other shop that offers you items by opening specified item boxes ,Finding an expected items sometimes easy and sometimes hard.

But, The Purpose of this idea is getting a wanted items,Here I will explain it…

Research in game helps you find a wanted items easier without spending your money/coins/tokens/whatever you call it…

Researching requires enough Research Points to start research, Research Points can be collected from Winning Campaign & MultiPlayer Battle.

After you collected enough Research Points, You can spend it on your research.

You can create your own research and how it was supposed to be, Creating research should be like this :

-What Items type do you want to research?
-What Items category do you want to research?
(Torsos, Legs, Drones, Weapon, Special, Module, etc)
-What Items Level do you want to research?
(Items that stands on player level)

When you done creating your research, The Game will calculate how many Research Points required to get wanted items in the research.

When you are starting a research, You have 30-120 minutes to finish the research (depends how many research points required)

When the research is completed, You will retrieve " Research Box " , The Box contains at least 5 expected items that you prefer when creating the research.

You may do research every 4 hours to prevent " OverPowered " stuff.

Now, Let’s review about the ideas!

-No Money/Coins/Tokens spent.
-Easier way to get expected items.
-Increase in Money Saving, Decrease in paying boxes (It depends how do Player decide)
-No Trash Junk in Inventory (Because Player more interested in getting items by research instead of paying for boxes and getting low chance to find expected items, it also depends on Player) .
-Efficient way to bring you a better items.

For the bad, You can think it.

I Hope this ideas will increase in money saving and helping a lot on gaming experience and this ideas wasn’t supposed to change this Strategy Game into Scientific Game.

Thank you.

So you want another currency to unlock items from boxes? Hell no


Is this GTA 5? this idea would never work for SM.

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At least it was not supposed to unlock items, just finding it easier… ,

Also thanks for your review.

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Thanks for your review, I can learn from my bad

5 items of the type you want…
5 Platium Plating, FOR FREE ?!
Oh WTF, that’s not a research function, it’s a OP items giveaway !

Sériously, 5 items of the wanted type is WAY too much…

And answering to your poll: SM is supposed to be a spending game to be profitable for the owners…
So basically anything who will NOT increase (or worse for them, reduce) the income would not be added…

A simple “30% chance not in inventory”, as it was, would fix it :exclamation:

But tacticsoft do not want this anymore, there is always a reason, if something get changed :exclamation:

All the changes didn’t fall from heaven :exclamation:



I know the game needs income, the ideas was supposed to be “Hard to win”

Thanks for the review.

Maybe if it’s tweaked A LOT (to not say “to the inside of the bones”), it COULD be interesting…

But I’m too lazy to help you find the tweaks needed…^^

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Thanks for your review, But there’s a lot of way to fix it, The Player shouldn’t only prefer on researching, but also on spending.

Maybe if you give the player the choice of the element (phys, heat, elec) and the type (torso, legs, weapons, etc) but let the RNG choose the rarity and the item of the previously determined element, type and rarity, it could be A BIT better…^^

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Yeah, I Think rarity of item should be removed since the items can be upgraded and transformed.

Can you explain exactly what you mean by this please ? ^^

and not letting the play choose the rarity make OP stuff a bit less easy to get through that way ^^

When you are playing under level 20 , looks like you always get nooby items, when reach max level, you get better items

Well…I don’t have good feeling toward this part…I can’t explain why…

(and it’s not because I’m low lvl, I’m lvl 111 !)

In 2017 , SuperMech has limited Player level to 30 ,So when you are level 30 ,you will got an itemlevel that is suitable on your level,

It’s like, Hard weapon for hard enemy, easy weapon for easy enemy

Yes, but point is, there are no more item Mk I, II, III, etc

so I think it would be difficulter to add a limit…

And what is a good or bad item ?
In itself, all items are good and bad in same time (much or less, except few things…like HP plates, Claws, Valiant Snipers, etc), and it’s the entire build who will decide if the item is good or bad ^^

Looks like " The True Person will keep the lost money save while The Wrong Person will take the lost money "

I don’t wanna say that armory level’s will be realesed soon…
Soo it does not need reaserch program