Requesting video clips


Alright so im not getting any support. Does anyone havr any video clips i can use for the trailer?




You can use any battles/battle sequences you want from my channel,without any copyrights.I have some really good ones if you search through them and the quality is also more than okay;good resolution and no lag.
However,only battles,not the entire videos.
Just remember to put the link to the video(s) from which you extract the scene(s) in the trailer’s description and we’re good :slight_smile:


Thanks l4k3. May i have a link please?


And im not the person to not give credit. That was me in the past but im not like that anymore. Even if you didnt ask me to give credit i still would’ve.


Is your channel the same name here??


I have some good battles and some not so good.
Search for them as you’ll eventually most probably find something you’ll like.


Thx buddy. I will get working on it after i sleep.


I will use

Got any box opening videos @L4K3?


Actually,I do.
But the results aren’t really…great.At all.
Here you go:


At leaat you got legendaries. Thats all that rlly matters


Take 2


And yes @L4K3, i gave credit.



It’s actually pretty damn good!


Just remove the bandicam watermark. Actually. About that. Next time you record something, dont put it on fullscreen. I can crop videos. That way there isnt a watermark this time.


So can you have those two segments in one clip please?


I don’t put it in fullscreen,either.
Honestly,the watermark doesn’t bother me.


What do you mean,2 segments in 1 video?


Opening boxes then facing the titan