Requesting replays with Pumpkin torso

Hello, it’s 1v1 season, so if you have good replays using the pumpkin perk, I’d like it if you can send them here. I’m planning on using these replays in a Halloween special on YouTube, so if you don’t want it on YouTube, you don’t need to send any replays.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give :slight_smile:



I’m an energy mech, they’re an energy counter with about 500 regen and a supercharge protector. THEY SURVIVE ON 1 HP BECAUSE THE STUPID DRONE DOESN’T DO ENOUGH DAMAGE!!!



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Me vs Kurtaro

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basically all of my matches

except for 2v2, where i put my lucky hat on

Revive because I still need some replays

here is one

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and anotther

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