Requesting Player Market or Trade

I Request a Player Market or a Trading Function to have more reasonable way to collect items. The Player Market may function as payment with tokens or gold, In that way, acquiring gold or tokens will be much easier and often make the game more fun. By this function the Trading, can be a lot more helpful by exchanging items for another item is fun for a lot of people.

Rather than just struggling to get more mythical or legendary items, why not just make players trade instead of just struggling to find one specific item. I see in my position, it may boost the games popularity if the game becomes fun to play.


Player market , i aproove ,playrs can sell their items to other for currency.

trade? no , people can make alts and send items to them.

Trades and Auctions are in theory a good idea, but these cannot be implemented, because everyone has like 50 different accounts that can transfer items to one another.


Trades could work as in only trading.
A zone for people log in and trade with other players inside with items.

Auctions would be cool too, people offering X gold for X time.

Yes… I swap [item A, needed in another account] for [useless junk]

Same as transferring over. :slight_smile:

Quit this mickey mouse game it’s nothing but a JOKE.:disappointed_relieved::scream::frowning::grimacing::rage::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::wink:

i always aprove trade ideas i think is a needed feature but i still dont understand why people dont see trade as a good feature

-if u “Trade” u must transfer same quality items a good way would be making only legendary items could be traded
-new item would be on lvl1
-devs can give a reduced amount of trades per acc, like 5 every month
-trade can cost tokens from both players that way greedysoft gets its bite
-must have confirmation from both players