Requesting a sprite


ok so i have recieved a request to remake the flame god and i would like some sprites to work on it. since these weapons arent on the sprite (provided by Xzyckon) i cant do it. so i am requesting sprites for these weapons:
Bassalt Dissolver(got it now thx)
Vandal Rage(got it now thx)
mythical repulser (idk the name)(got it now thx)
Molten Platinum Vest


Armor Dissolver (Don’t ask me why it is called like this, Idk)

for MPV, you can find it in the Sandbox thread, simply it has a blue glass instead of a red one (Sirius, made by KilliN, he posted a few days after the release of FMG MPV I think…)

For the VR, I think it’s also KilliN who made it, it’s a bit old but it’s also on SMSandbox, he made it because he wanted to make a sprite with the weapon on Sarah’s profile pic ^^

For Basalt, if you’re not too demanding, you can use the Cooling Destroyer from the Sprite sheet… (legacy sprite who inspired Basalt)


its just the legendary version of the repulser… like wtf


i want it all myth.



It’s the best I can find for now…

Maybe you should check one of the myth-items-with-picture threads in general discussion ^^


I can give you Bassalt, repulsor and maybe vandal rage. But in 6 hours because I have lot’s of work to do


I request them all myths please.


Well in legacy terms compared to reloaded its considered epic. And i want the mythical tier.
Not to be picky…


Here’s the other two.




Do you want png or flash files?




Vandal Rage and Molten Vest are too much of a recent creation to be in my files, sorry.


Just the png. Appreciate it :smiley:


now i need the molten platinum vest which i think @KilliN has. dont you have that, killin? i need the mythical version please.(if you have it of course)


It’s KilliN’s sprite


oh ok. thanks.


There‘s mpv :wink:


thank you :smiley: appreciate it!