Repulser -----> rare->epic->legendary->mythical-> big problem


@Berserk40000 @Smirk


Each new level worsens the parameters of this great weapon !!!

Everyone knows that this weapon is needed to throw away the enemy.
But with its improvement, we receive insignificant damage (which is already useless) and additional heating !!!

Please rebalance the Repulser. My suggestion in the common 1 used, in the epic 2 used, in the legendary 3 uses, in the mythical 4 uses.


just use the rare version.
an l-m version of this thing was probably added as a troll.
but i do agree.
a weapon shouldnt become worse when evolving,especially an L-M ITEM!
maybe make the l-m version should have 3 shots for its myth and leggie form but the heating should decreace.


Lol, somebody wants 4 shots of this, with only one weapon.

Just do like everybody, use the common version. Use 2 if you need 4 shots.


My conviction L to M should be better than common to epic


That’s not very positive.

What’s better is better. It’s the smart builders to find that and use it to it’s extent.


True, but if they start looking into this, repulsor aint the first one on the list…


Umm… you can use rare version…
But yeah if you have lot of money you can update it in arena only 1 damge can change everything like this :v

Or you can update it just to make your inventory looks better :v


It will be fair to swap statistics with mythical and common places.


make a little change to the title:
repulser doesnt have a common starts at rare.


You’re aware that you can use literally any other weapon,drone or utility to do that 1 damage,right?


What @2ab probably meant is that with the upgraded version you could do more damage and even 1 more damage can be the difference between victory and defeat sometimes.
So he meant it for those that use Repulser anyway.


It gets even uglier at Max Myth…

For it to be really deserving of it’s L-M status…

Give it an Extra Use with less Heat Cost

3 Uses
Heat Cost 33 at Legendary
Heat Cost 44 at Mythical


Have it Actually Dissolve Armor

2 Uses
-10 Psy/Expl/Elec Resist at Legendary
-15 Psy/Expl/Elec Resist at Myth



@l4k3 here’s the right what meant :v


He already explained…No need to explain again.


Just changed the title to match Repulser’s tiers