Report - next who try to destroy THIS weekly tournament


Please investigate this player :

He has 3 clan gold medals, which means he is one account from Shiro clan, russian flag AND OVER night all good mythicals and all full fused !

Thank you very much and if it doesnt hurt, please as fast as possible, this “player” try once more to destroy this weekly tournament !


russian does not equal hacker…

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I didnt said that, I just said, that this player have a russian flag, same as the 5 accounts who were in Shiro clan and got banned !


Thanks for sending it over.
I will look into this this afternoon.


Thanks a lot … this was the most obvious once. There are a few more. Should I post them here or send it to you with pm ?


best to send any information about hacking/exploits in a pm.


We have found the issue and are working on fixing it asap.
From the whole Tacticsoft team we thank you for reporting this. :slight_smile: