Report : Level-down-bug to get free tokens

@Sarah247 and @Mohadib and @Taloki

Hi Sarah !
Hi Taloki !
Hi Mohadib !

I reporting this bug, which allows players to lower their player level on purpose !
This way they can get FREE tokens again and again !

Another player who lost “magically” all his player levels down to level 15 …

  • it is a very well known account

  • this trick - to lower their player level is used to get FREE tokens easy via campaign again and again and again


88 medals, was in Clan Littlelost your lost, now down to level 15 (!!!)

Leader of new Clan from that account …

“The One Above All”

… some wishes never come true :exclamation:

Please @Sarah247, @Mohadib, @Taloki look into this bug. It is used more and more and more, to get advantage in this game - to get FREE tokens :grey_exclamation:

If you need information, how to create it, feel free to ask :exclamation:


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for me that is to play without honor is more fun to see 10 tokens a day than to lower yourself level to get many tokens


Whats the problem with The One Above All?

That they can be those who start their level and campaign to get free token something very low and without honor

but the one who by law does this trick is gomorrha because for its level it would have to be a very low range but as always there are people who want to get everything so easy

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because they do not grab a punishment that they grab that while they remove the error they think @Sarah247? I do not know but it’s okay for me to say something to them for being cheated in this game

When i was at lvl 10 i drastically go lower lvl 20 by just join n quit game this is fast way to go down. Stomp lower lvl player n earn mix box, gold, my reward stay at lvl 10 n weekly reward 3 epic lvl 10 reward though im at lvl 20.
I dont have any idea about lvl tokens.

I did this just one time to just check how game systems react to such scenario.

Thanks for the reporting.
I am sending this over to the team!


Now he changed the in-game name / nickname, to hide it.

It is Littlelost account, alt-account from ElMetre, he self confirmed it in post where he didn’t thought about to hide it (after lieing about for years).
Check the IP’s.


Level of the account Littlelost should be +100 for sure, as you can see at the screenshot, it is 21.

The prove he used the Level-down bug for his advantage :grey_exclamation:

Jaja, this “ElMetre” is really a good boy, beauty talk in the face, but barely turned his back, he cheats you.

Jaja :exclamation:


And his next name-change to try to hide his cheating …

This here shows just how sick you are.
You accuse me of beeing the same as Danny(littlelost).
This obsession of yours needs to stop.
Littlelost quit the game 3 months ago, he no longer plays.
This is your trademark, LIES.
The same think you did with Andernut, Aegis, MrX.
Continuous lieing in a sick attempt just to do harm.
Seek profesional help.

His 4th in-game name change to try to hide it …


P.S.: ignoring that little hater and his attacks against me :slight_smile:

you know, for a rumanien you nicely surprise me…

being austrian…do you know traiskirchen??

Add this guy to your report, since you are on this crusade to purge the game of exploiters and cheaters.

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Oh and your next rant against me …

Here the facts for you little boy …

  • Kevin Alejandro 25’s (@apure) account was investigated by @Mohadib and I got a clear answer from @Mohadib about his account :exclamation:

  • the account from littlelost …


… need to be investigated :exclamation:

He try to hide his cheating, with all this name-changes :grey_exclamation:

Always glad to help you :exclamation:


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Thanks michel, everyone knows (the administrators) that there was an error in my account I do not care what others say or think, the important people in this matter are my clanmates (HTK) and the administrators who have already inspected my account and did not find anything out of the ordinary, SO GOOD TRY TO THOSE WHO WANT TO SEE OUT OF THIS GAME, there is still KEVIN ALEJANDRO 25 for a lot in this game :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey guys, Please remember that reporting individuals should be done through PM to Sarah or direct to the support team. Posting these in the forum gets mixed reactions and can cause unnecessary witch hunts.

We all don’t want cheaters in this game so lets get them banned but in a way that doesn’t spoil the forum.