Replace the box system with a store

I’d like to purchase my items from a store without the gamble of having to buy boxes. I feel the box systems limits the enjoyment of the game. I also feel the box system takes away from the strategy of the game as you can’t choose your build it is randomly given to you.

Does anyone else feel the same way?


And I would like to have the “Dislike” button to be able to dislike pointless posts, and especially posts spammed under various threads only to give vent to some personal frustration… The dislike button could look like this: :poop:

Thats how SM was a few years ago , there were shops to buy kits torso legs top/side weapons.

That additional kit used to be so awesome , like u are overheated and u just use it and now the tables have turned again.

But for some reason it was replaced with boxes.

But even the box thing was diffrent before , there were diffrent boxes , torso box which gave u torso , weapon box which gives weapon , kit box giving kits.

But now there are just mixed boxes. :expressionless:

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