Replace Maps with a 3D Planet


I would be nice if the maps are removed and replaced by a planet. That would be a 3D redesign. That would surely attract many players who would come to see the new maps.We can move around the planet normally [with mouse or keyboard].That would include the redesign of other things like colonies.

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It is a good idea in some aspects, but I think that a lot more things should take higher priority than this.

@Kaen, what say you about this globeist? Flat earth society 4 lyf


3D would be amazing and it would attract many players.Many games have 3D designs but you are right,there are many other important things that should take higher priority.


Maybe one day it’ll be implemented :smile:


Maybe one day when NASA pays Tacticsoft to spread its globalist propoganda. Otherwise flat Earth is fine for now.


Also, @fire blocked for being a NASA shill and suggesting this


Okay,the earth can be flat but mars and fantasy are planets


Fantasy doesn’t exist tho…


It will take an awful lot of work and our game developers arent really improving main things yet so u want them to change the gamestyle ?
i dont think it ill work


Let me help out here with some logical imput :slight_smile:

3D maps is downright impossible, sorry. In fact only Fantasy is a 100% original map (if I’m correct). Earth is really just a flat version NASA uses, and Mars is a flat version of well, Mars (but with some randomly added water lel). The reason 3D maps would be impossible is because it would literally change BD into a whole new game. The mobile game that Tacticsoft is making rn, Earth Arena is sorta like that tho. But yea no…

(and I love the BD maps anyway (besides dirty ol fantasy :heart:)


I’m not sure…

:herb: <[capybara food(maybe)]


This is actually a cool idea. I hope they implement it in the game sometime this year or next.