Repair Drone Nerf #CancerBEGONE


How do you feel every time you see mechs like this screwing up your winstreak ?

Not just the mech itself is bad , the additude of people using this combined with the mech multiplied the cancer factor 10 times worse , why these mechs exists ? Repair drones

How do you make these mechs no longer exist and with time wasting battles ?
1:Give these drones a big increase in weight
2:Give these repair drones a limited time use , my suggested number of uses is 15 , they can no longer camp forever in corners and wait tll your enemy bored and leave game



Repair drones are fine
If you want to win against those Diamond shells use Physical Mechs with some specials


You probably use a Dual Rockets mech with the god mode legs. Repair drones are easy to counter. (as long as you don’t use God Mode legs). As long as you have something with 3 walk with unlimited usages, and use something that pulls, you’re fine. The Rear Hit/Heat Orb combo is a great counter for them.

Also, Repair Mechs are fine. They add something new (but honestly they’re pretty annoying). But if you’re not aware, the Repair Drones were nerfed. Before its nerfed performance, this thing was OP.

To clarify things, repair drones still adds how much health they “heal” to the player. For instance, let’s say your drone did 19 damage to the repair mech, but the repair mech would still regain +38 health instead of the now "receiving 19 damage, repair drones heal 19.


I don’t have dual rockets but experience
and they are annoying but Its feels good after they are dead


Do you know what’s worse? The cheat that makes the opponend disconnect is back.


Yep, i have sometimes too.


I would prefer if they did nerf it. They cause too much cancer. Yes it’s different and they add balance making people play phys and not use GM legs but the playstyle is annoying asf. The only thing that bothers me are how long the matches are against them.


I don’t think stopping someone’s winning streak is a guilt that must mot happen. I have a hard time dealing with them, but asking devs to punish them? Really??


I am a Diamond / healbot user. Yes it’s strong. Especially against the “I IZ HEATOR L0L0L0L !!!” from everywhere. But it’s pretty difficult to win against a good energy build, and it’s totally ridiculous against a Physical build (I think I lose on turn 3, average).

Despite thoses one-sided match-ups, what makes me win is often the stupidity of the opponent. You really need to understand the mechanic explained by Bluz (some posts above). I really think that the winning condition of this build is that people don’t know how healing bot works. Most of the time when I outrange them and they begin to Walk-then-Attack every turn. Thanks for the freewins.

I’m pretty sure I could defeat myself even with a heater build. Most people don’t understand that we can’t handle more than 41 dmg per turn, but less than 41 is irrelevant. Also I didn’t meet anyone who used his burst damage while I was seriously overheating. They just keep heating and seem to think that I’ll get healed the same amount every turn. The timing about when to burst is what makes the win -or lose- here


RIP, my main mech is an energy build yet I lose (or quit :innocent:) most of the time (or at least often) to the D.S. + healing bot builds :stuck_out_tongue:


i have another solution. We have common/epic/legendary drones with heat or energy damages but no common/epic /legendary repair bots only mythical ones. why not introduce repair drones in these categories with max healing of 25 hp; well that should even up the odds a bit.I have a repair drone,and it helps me win several campaign matches without even using the repair kits


i think that what we need to do to counteract this cancer is to add items to the game so that people have another things to use like more heads with diamond shell like capabilities or even nerf some things like the repair drone.
Even if the repair drone is only nerfed people will still find a way to abuse this.
we need to add other things that synegise with others and make something new and interesting so that people will
end the diamond shell cancer strat themselves


most games have in-game health packs(igi,crysis,deus ex etc almost all of the high graphics paid games).
Its quite understandable to have a repair drone. the only problem in supermechs is that none other than the mythical set have a repair drone. include a repair drone in each of the classes common,rare,epic,legendary,etc; is any one of the developers or players reading this?let me know


repair drone is good, what makes me sad is that repair drone build considered “cancerous” just because it allows to stall. But stall build isn’t bad; what’s bad is players can only encounter stall builds at high levels and only with diamond shell+repair drone+shield combo, often with push-away weaponry.

so yes, need to introduce repair drones at least at Legendary level, and maybe on Epic too. And definitely also add campaing opponents with pre-defined stall builds, along with hints on how to beat it. This will move repair drone stall from “omg wtf imba nerf” to “oh I remember that build from campaing, its strong but I beat it and so I can beat you as well”

And whats also would help is introducing other ways to stall: maybe its 100% shields with specific, strong limitations which allow to break it if you are not dumb and then proceed to smash the hull; maybe its some torso with ability to completely refresh its health from any level but with low base HP and bad resists, so if it fails to “phoenix” in time it will break easily; add your ideas as well.

Of course God Mode users will cry - ignore that


For the record the good DS builds dont lose to energy or heat. And they can tank some (but not all phys builds)

Now theyre always going to be OP meta builds that are annoying to deal with, but my gripe with these is that they win by stalling… which ends up taking a long ass time. I hate half hour matches vs triple DS mechs.


Wtf is a repair drone lol, never encountered one before


Let me translate this sentence.
“Wtf i just started playing 48 hours ago, whats a repair drone? lol”


I’ve played this game for a year, then I left, then I came back half a year ago. You don’t know everything lmao


can’t even find repair drones in myphicals list? lol


It was a joke my guy. Thought that was abvious.