Repair Drone ? cooling drone ? battery drones?

we all have the Attack drone , but why not helping drone ?

1- Repair Drone : Five kinds

1.a HP repair Drone , it repairs HP each turn and uses Energy. the HP it recovers increases with the Level of the Drone.

1.b/c/d/e Mech Resistance repair drone , it repairs the Drone resistance each drone for each resistance , psy,Ele, and heat , and the best one all of them each turn.

2- Cooling drone : it lowers the Mech temps each turn. the more it levels the more it gives.

3- Black matter Drone : it takes heat from the attacks until it is destroyed . This prevents the mech from getting the heat for a turn or two depending on the heat capacity of the drone , the more it levels up the more heat it can take.

3- Battery Drone : it has Energy and can be used to refill Energy in the battle … the more it levels the more refill it has , once all the refill is all used it is destroyed in battle.

4- More MAX Energy drone : it adds up MAX Energy to the mech but it comes empty and the Mech must refill it like it refills itself …

I think this would be cool drones ideas …


Ok I take it back,actually repair drones aren’t really good if we bring them back 200 hp and then get hit by a void,dealing 200 dmg…

Use energy modules bro :wink:

i’ll give more opinions tomorrow…good night…

you dont get it , energy modules are different thing here . because you sacrifice an attacking drone for more max energy …

you sacrifice an attack each turn.

the same goes for the rest of the drones , you cant say use other parts in mech . because this is a plus you take more than items for sacrificing the Attacks the drones will do to your enemy.

that is choose be Defensive instead of Offensive in using drones.

as for the repair drones , healing the Void 200 damage for example … well why not ? the other enemy will not get hit at all by any drones … also it will depend on the level of the drones and how much we set the HP regeneration.

keep in mind that healing values will never be very high like the Attack Values… Also we can balance it by making the healing drone use alot of energy or maximum or 3 uses or so.

using defensive drones comes with a negative : your enemy is safe from drones attacks.

All i have to say is no to repair drone.