Remove weight limits

People are paying a large amount of real money to obtain items of great power. Please allow players to use all of these items and stop limiting what can go to battle.

dude i agree man. it is

Lolno, Weight Limit is there for balance.


Heaving item is better than Iighter item( intecepter to zarkares) if weight was unlimited, supermechs will have NO balance.


The balance use to be created by variance in items. it still is to some degree today but I feel the weight limit is a cop out because it helps the programmers limit their variables because a mech can’t be fully loaded with top tier items.

a long time a go there was no limit and it was unbalanced ASF


No limit old version


20 charked8;’;[

in that time u haven’t need to think just spam…

The weight limit is perhaps the best feature in Supermechs. This is what makes this game interesting, and building skills is an element of the strategy… A huge NO to your idea.


Dude,you just joined and yet you’ve created a couple threads already.
First of all chill and read some other posts around.
Now second of all,all these topics you created go for the same thing:removing this,adding that again and pretty much saying to make the game the way it was time ago.
Please get over it.Personally,this kind of thread is boring me the most (and I’d advice to either bring it down or move it to spam).
Old SM ain’t coming back!


I don’t know what is with him…those things wear removed a long time ago,why is complaining now, it’s like years from then…

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Idk…Anyone,please…Just put down this kind of sh*t topics…

TS care nothing about spenders pocket & desires they just want easy money