Remove this useless slot

This useless slot:

I know what is it for, because I’m a veteran player. I a slot for shield module. But don’t be optimistic and say: ‘‘Shields aren’t removed, they are just very rare!’’ Well, there are no achievements for upgrading shield modules, so there is no reason to hope. And yea, why won’t you just delete this slot??? Or bring back the shields, or delete this slot! (I would prefer if they would bring back shields). @Sarah247 @Mohadib @Elcent

  • Yea, they should bring back shields!
  • Well, I think they should just remove the shield slot.
  • I don’t even know what are shields (for non-veteran players only)
  • Ok, we will bring shields back. (for moderators only) (just don’t ruin this plz)
  • Ok, we will remove the slot. (for moderators only) (just don’t ruin this plz)

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I know is kinda stupid to make votes for moderators only, but I just want to know moderators’ opinion. So don’t ruin this. PLEASE. (Don’t vote on votes that are for moderators only).

Ok let me ruin it

There we go



20 chahuhaduhsdo

i have a shield so i dont want this to be removed.

Hash tag RUINED !!!

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I don’t understand why @Fluxeon and @Joeyjojojunior votes have more priority than mine and @PyroBlitz !??


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there was already a vote which demonstrates popular support for bringing back shields.

don’t think it will happen though.

Maybe if you used the “for public” answer instead of the “for moderators” answer…^^

I’m trying to ruin the poll , since he asked us not to

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It’s called white privilege, deal with it.

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Yes bring back shields and repair drone (see this topic today).


The shield was very strong?


IN YoUr FaCe

why not put something else in the place of this slot, something new !!!

Well…not that bad for me, but I used shield rare amount of time…it was more an “extra” thing to put in my mech if there is enough weigth after I did all the rest of my loadout, but it not a game changer…

I more aggressive ^^

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