Remove finishing moves

This isnt an idea to implement something new. It’s to remove something that adds nothing to the game and can sometimes be annoying. If not completely remove, could you add a feature in options to turn it on or off? It takes up time and makes no difference. All those options of how to finish someone off but its all the same.

  • Yes, remove forced finishing move
  • No, keep forcing everyone to pick how to finish.

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It’s actually cool do defeat players like that but it’s getting boring after a while ._.

It’s completely useless because only you can see it.



A quick toggle to enable/disable finishing moves may be a better solution.

It looks cool at first, but yeah, can get boring at times. Unless… new finishing moves are introduced… :slight_smile:

Or make it that they can see the final moves
lot of trolling would happen if they could see it

“They” as in your opponent?

Yes, it would be much more fun, perhaps.

It would not be more fun. It would allow people to stall. So, you lose, and then you have to wait for your opponent to pick a dumb option so you can watch your mech get completely destroyed? What if they take their time picking a move? a timer would have to be added. Thats just a bunch more bs they would have to add.