Remove Energy Costs from the physical drone Void


is Remove Energy Costs from the physical drone Void #Translate @bestplayerintheworld

  • Remove energy drone physical void.
  • Leave drone void as is.

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No más quejas es todo

oh you mean taking out energy cost


While at it, you might want to consider doing the same with bloodweep and desert fury


But @Sarah247. U should also give some love to heat /explosive weapons


Sarah is community manager, not a developer


make greedy energy free.


Make ALL energy free :exclamation:


Best suggestion ever :exclamation:




surely next will have new drone or module

I vote: no, not change


igual un nuevo drone no es mala idea, debĂ­ pensar en eso XD!


drone face shocker imagined in phys without energy ouch

shock de cara de zángano imaginado en phys sin energía ouch


There will not be any energy cost removal from any physical drone BEFORE they remove the energy cost from the heat drone Swoop (L-M) and its common-epic version.
And that is something that TS will never do.

Btw. if you remove energy costs from any physical drone then it has to have 2 negative changes to balance it, too:

  1. Increase weight to the same amount as the respective heat drone
  2. Increase Heat Cost for firing to the same amount as the respective heat drone.

You will not get any energy free physical drone with LESS weight and firing costs than the respective heat drone.

And NO the heat damage from the heat drone is compensated by the higher physical damage dealt by the physical drone compared to the explosive damage from the heat drone.
Therefore that heat damage is no argument to make the physical drone lighter or have less firing costs.


GREEDY(L) (20) 72-117 PysDmg -10 PysRes (16/16 Cost)
vs. heat:
SWOOP(L) (24) 55-90 ExDmg 58 HeatDmg -5 ExRes (31/31 Cost)

–> phyisical drone 4 kg lighter, 16-27 more damage, 5 more ress drain (double ress drain of heat drone!!), less firing costs at ca. only half of heat drone. -> only “advantage” of heat drone: 58 heat damage
–> Physical drone wins by a landslide!

HURLBAT (28) 135-196 PysDmg -6 MaxHeat/En (16/16 Cost)
NEMO (45) 97-141 ExDmg 36 HeatDmg -12 MaxHeat (0/31 Cost)
–> Hurlbat costs 16 energy, but in exchange 15 heat less and is 17 kg lighter than Nemo.
Nemo’s advantages: 36 heat damage + 6 more heat cap compared to Hurlbat

DUSTMAKER(L) (29) 120-213 PysDmg -4 Regen/Cooling (16/16 Cost)
MURMUR(L) (45) 86-153 ExDmg 36 HeatDmg -7 Cooling (0/31 Cost)
–> Dustmaker costs 16 energy, but again 15 heat less than Murmur, is 16 kg lighter and deals 34-60 more damage than Murmur. Murmur’s only real advantage is that 36 heat damage and 3 more cooling cut again

VOID (29) 143-187 PysDmg -5 PysRes (16/16 Cost)
CLASH (45) 103-135 ExDmg 36 HeatDmg -5 ExRes (0/31 Cost)
–> Void costs 16 energy more, but instead 15 heat less, is 16 kg lighter than Clash, 40-52 more damage than Clash. Clash instead deals 36 Heat Damage.

So if you want an energy free physical drone than okay. But it would be something like:

VOID - new weight: 45 kg (instead of 29), 143-187 PysDmg, -5 PysRes, new costs: 31 heat cost (instead of 16 heat and 16 energy)


You want an energy free physical drone.
Then you also need to pay the same price that heat drones pay:
more weight + more heat costs


Physical drones deal no heat damage BUT far higher direct damage to HP.
So if you want a physical drone without energy costs then you need to agree that the drone has HIGH weight and HIGH heat costs.
That is how energy-free items work:
More weight + more heat cost for 0 energy cost


BUT inexchange all physical items have less weight than the heat items.
If you want energy-free physical items then you can look at Annihilation and Mercy as examples for one way or at Armor Dissolver for the other way:

ANNIHILATION (65) 1-2 Range 203-341 PysDmg -15 PysRes 3 Uses (0/0 Cost)
MERCY(L) (84) 1-2 Range 197-440 PysDmg -10 PysRes 1 Push 3 Uses (0/0 Cost)

They have no energy costs BUT in exchange they are really HEAVY: 65 kg and 84 kg

ARMOR DISSOLVER(L) (18) 2-4 Range 41-55 PysDmg 3 Push 2 Uses (0/62 Cost)

It has no energy cost but in exchange has a very HIGH heat cost.

So if you want energy-free physical items then you can have them BUT as I said they will be HEAVY or cost LOTS OF HEAT!


I am not complaining.
I just tell you that ANY energy-free item will have either HIGH weight or HIGH heat costs or BOTH high weight and high heat costs.

You want an item that costs no energy, is light and has low heat costs.
And that will not work.


heat weapons weigh around 70kg but phy weigh around 50kg why not change that?


This topic must be very important to you because this was the first time I saw a topic from you which was in English.


@Well you may wanna reword that first option. Sounds like you wanna remove void from the game, not it’s energy cost. lol


Correct would be …

“Remove Energy Costs from the physical drone Void”