Remnants of the Sky "The Lost Valley" 2v2 - Now Open!


not his screenshot fyi


Bug off Aeres… don’t ruin my fun



F*ck you nibba :joy::joy::joy::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::point_right::ok_hand:


My mechs can bulldoze through these in auto pilot
U just need correct items and their correct use :wink:


Nibba, I’m now in Insane mode, and I can confirm even the little energies there can almost drain me.

Let’s just see how horrendous the physicals and heats are :joy::ok_hand:


If u have reckoning sorrow currupt light and heat bomb
They together with good heat capacity and cooling and 2200 hp (u need plat plates )

It’s way easy even for auto pilot


I can’t confirm that, even with the boss.

The boss is a full-on Legendary heat mech. has heat bomb and more.

The little heat mechs are legendary mechs too, with Crimson Raptures and Heat bombs…

Same for the tanks


Heat bomb roasts them alive

pm me if. Ur mech needs a freshly barbequed nightmare torso :wink:


Ok then’ll bet you to go through ALL of insane mode ONLY on autopilot.

Same for you @lordgorgon. If ya’ll do it ya’ll be praised almighty.


I am kinda busy atm but I did already beat insane so I’ll post a screeny in a hour or so


Lier, noone can do it THAT fast :confused:


Don’t underestimate heat mechs
It’s possible to do it all in an hour


That means you’re just doing the campaign, just shattap.


Busy means I am not at home now and I am also not playing the game


Since 2v2 campaign. Didnt take out second mech yet. Might happen for this one though


You said “I’m busy atm” and you said you’re outside, then that “but I did already beat insane so I’ll post a screeny in a hour or so” means it’s fake, the campaign just got released 50 minutes ago.


Don’t. Trust me
I never lie thou


Hey Gorgon u got duel Spartan fans in the missions


Lol, just admit it :joy::ok_hand:


Try me :ok_hand::joy: This mech’s partners are Tanks with SCs, and a mech with Mercy’s.


And plus, they hit as hard like your Arena physical buddies xD