Remnants of the Sky "The Lost Valley" 2v2 - Now Open!


Lucky I have anti-Phys and Heat xd


Nibba, some energies have EMPs and Heat Bombs, even 3 Ash Creators and 3 Crimsons, and the phys mechs there have SCs and Annies, you better get it done in autopilot XD


Who the hell said the boss is an energy mech >:(


Ohh, looks like I was wrong, in the map it was an energy mech .>.


imagine a mech with crimson raptures in insane.each flamethrower will heat up 200+ lmao


Also you can stop saying shit about the gold box in camp.

Its a normal mix box v



In “The Danger Zone”, this is what it looks like.



Easy fights.
20 douvle easy fights


i’ve seen it,someone has pic from BMMDEV lol


I like how the last zone looks.

Molten lava coming out of the hill sides of the volcano.

It looks gorgeous.
As for the danger zone that green stuff looks like toxic waste :thinking:


Try to swipe as fast as you can to reach OD, you’ll see that the hole is brimming with lava.


i’m so lucky today.I got commons from the fortune box lol


I got an Epic.:money_mouth_face:


also 2 commons from the gold/mix box lol


Im saving up for the next portal :x


That’s the damn Raid mech.


All the raid bosses are taken from camp lmfaoooooo


You fool, it’s the DAMN TDZ boss!


I’ll do you one better.


… Ehh? BMMDEV?