Remnants of the Sky "The Lost Valley" 2v2 - Now Open!


700 energy? NO BIGGIE!

one bomb he gone :slight_smile:


No, don’t you get it? THEY have EMPs too, and in insane they will drain you faster than you could :joy::ok_hand:


Heck. The hype for Bigboy Insane is getting bigger each chapter! LIKE WTF IS THIS ALREADY


Who said that the Heat Bomb needs energy? :thinking:


Ahh heat bomb huh? Thats works.


imagine BigBoy’s mighty cannon doing 1000+ dmg in insane lol


I’m at the boss…


1k pfft lol

imagine his anies hitting 600 each shot



Edit : The tanks have Abominations and Reckonings, oh shit


God luck mate :joy:


Easy stuff.

Easy for energy at least


wait till the phys mains try this lmfao


No problem. Ill drive through this shet in autopilot.




how about insane :joy:


Lord Gorgon, the final boss is a full-on legendary energy mech, imagine that on insane.


The first set of heat mechs have Heron Marks, the others have Heat Bomb and 3 Crimson Rapture, holy f u c k


Ive been facing Miron and co during emp golden age. Never bated an eye.
Autopilot itll be.


lucky this mech has armor dissolver.I would’ve been stomped to death lol


2 roundeds Gorgon style.
Problem le faking insane solved