Remember super mechs before boxes?

Hi, does anyone remember before you had to buy boxes in super mechs? they had a store that you simply bought items from with your gold. I feel this made the builds better because you could see all available items so you knew your gold was buying the best item for the build you wanted.


I do… man I wish we still had the old shop where you could buy specific item that you wanted

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I think the boxes are a fun novelty but making them our only source of obtaining items seems to be a bit greedy on their behalf.

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I have been an active player of SM like 3-4 years now… I remember the shop, I remember the old campaign, I remember campaign points you had to buy for tokens to even be able to PLAY the campaign. Remember, the shop contained only items up to the rare level. All above that - epic, legendary and myth, were unlocked out of the boxes. So not a big deal as compared to what we have now… Sure, some low level items are now useful like hell (IDK what I would do without my 3 1kg teleports…) but other than that, it is not a big difference. The campaign is MUCH better now, the option of grinding for FREE is great. This is my only reliable source of income and boxes. And my entire energy mech was built from BB boxes. Inspect it in the game if you wish… It is no use to recall the past. We are in present now, and future is ahead.


Another full fledged revamp is around the corner, get ready to redo everything all over AGAIN AGain again


Look, I lost all my progress since 2015. And I know I haven’t played for a loooooooong time, but now I really want to play it again from 0 and whitout this shop that it was in the game before it’s too hard for me (I want some easy swords)

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Selling items was good but just imagining shop with the premium items…