Relocation cost is too much at the start of an era


Ever planted randomly and realized the team you want to join is across the map resulting in a relocation costing you a steep 10k oil when you barely have any good structures or an army?

If so do you think that 10k is too high?

How far you can relocate before it costs 10k

personally i feel it is and have made some alternatives below.

Option 1 - Relocation costs depends on workers

  • 400 Workers or less relocation relocation cap is 5k.
  • 401-600 Workers relocation goes from 5k to 10k.
  • 601+ Workers relocation cap is 10k.
Option 2 - Relocation is cheaper in protection
  • Relocation in protection caps at 3k oil.
  • No change when out of protection.
Option 3 - Relocation cost depends on the tick
  • Before tick 50 caps at 3k.
  • tick 51-100 cap increases to standard 10k.

Please vote.

  • Great idea, It often spoils an era having to spend 10k oil for planting in the wrong place
  • Stupid idea, I always plant in the right place

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If you voted Good Idea please vote on the options that i have suggested

  • Option 1 - Relocation cost depends on worker count
  • Option 2 - Relocation is cheaper in protection
  • Option 3 - Relocation is cheaper at the start of the era
  • Option 4 - I’ll comment down below

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I vote make the cost for relocating higher then 10k oil. Make it 15k!


Stop being such a cheapskate. You need to have big storage boost and 30k oil to relocate


Personally think the relocation in protection is the only viable option here. If you plant in the wrong place it’s your fault… But when in protection your overall res output is lower.