Relics, World Gates, and Farm System


I know most of you may or may have not known about this but these are some of the things I’d like to bring back "Relics on colonys/Wreackages that have relics in them. Another thing is having world gates which means that there would be 1 world gate on all 4 corners of the map (Now I know this was over used in the OC days but maybe making it where you only can stay in the gate for so many ticks before they start losing units (overtime).) Another thing we could think about bringing back would be the old farm system maybe not as op it was back then but maybe as half of what it used too be(For anyone who didn’t know OC had a farm system where you’d lose units overtime that where not in a Bracket or your colony/friendly(meaning your alliance).

  • Bring back Relics that are in wreckages with holding into colonies.
  • Keep it the way it is.

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  • Bring back world gates.
  • Keep it the way it is.

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  • Bring back the farm system.
  • Keep it the way it is.

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If any players wanna share more ideas that’d be great :smile: or anything to add on to these, and if you have images to help the newer players to understand what we old vets remember please show them off I’m sure everyone would love to see them :slight_smile:

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What about bounties? :smiley:


the world gate was a smart idea but as greenie stated players abuse it an really never like the farm ruie an ye BOUNTIES



Bounties would be something cool to bring back just another add on but could be fun for the newer players joining in.


im kinda new and i dont know any of this stuff so would u please thoroughly explain so my vote could be valid


What do you have questions on?

Like over all?


details about each one so people who are new like me can vote correctly


With Gates; Back in the day we used to have gates on all 4 corners of each world and you could use it to move units to the other side of the world.

With Relics/Wreckages; Wreckages how they are now but back then they used to hold the relics you see today but they where on your colony not the big ships you can move around, this made a lot of teams fight eachother just so they could have all 10 or 11 in some worlds.

With FarmSystem; With the farm System there use to be a spot where your colony made food and food kept your units a live kept to long outside of your colony or a bracket they’d start dying off. This made the game where you had to play move start when moving and attacking.

ofc some of these things would be need to be fixed before adding them back into the game.


for the gates: were battles possible on the gates
for the relics: if one player held 10 relics and they were to be taken would they be taken individually or all at once and how would a player hold a wreckage holding a relic
farm system: if the bracket of food was lets say 48 ticks that means that any units 49 ticks or more away would gradually lose HP and were there any ways to produce food at another place?


No you could not fight inside the world gates thats why those would need to be fixed. (so players couldnt hide armys inside them.)

Wreackages would have relics inside them they were not ships like you see today they would become one with ur colony like a Crystal and could be taken the same way like a Crystal. (Yes, if 1 player had all 10 and someone attacked and kill them he could take all ten unless he had help from other members in the alliances then they could be split up within the guys who attacked.)

You could bring them to a bracket or a another alliances member to heal them. (Having Brackets was key).