Reintroducing BigBoy epic drops helps fix matchmaking


Matchmaking is a bit better with Version 3400 but…
The problem with matchmaking still is that there are maybe 15 or 20 well fused mythic mechs in the game. Right now I am 3rd on the season rankings so I get matched with people in the very top ranks looks like between #1 - #150. They did this because if the top 10 only got matches from the top 10 we would never have a match and we could never get enough wins/kills/losses to maintain top 10 standing. So unfortunately I see no way to fix matchmaking other than time. Reintroducing epic drops from bigboy would go a long way to help fix matchmaking (by making people more powerful). As it is now even people in the top 50 still quit…


I was fool once more, trying my luck with 20$=1100T and premium boxes… not a single legendary!!! Won’t happen ever again, unles they return old premium boxes system and reintroduce level of certainty /150 with 3 items al least 15% chance legendary, 220 single legendary, and let say 600 T = 3 legendaries, 30% chance for 4th legendary… for the sake of gambling which they like sooo much/. Your point is there… so far everyone is realizing even money gives nothing to upgrade, campaign farming is futile without reintroducing previous Bigboy drop.


No!.. you fell for the trap!!!


Indeed, tried to test math and in the end to share result with community - to not do the same thing !!! New update, nothing changed … DO NOT BUY PREMIUM BOXES in current state of game - there is reason why % chance is not stated - it does not exists! Go elsewhere… 20, 40 US dollars and so on… will net you whole game and far more fun - here only pain and despair…