Reign Reforged seeking for 2 or 3 qualified members


Urgently Required

We are Reign Reforged’s clan, seeking for the qualified members to join us.

General Requirements are as follows :

  1. Active Player
  2. Play matches 2v2 or 3v3
  3. Win Rate > 80%
  4. Honest and good atitude

Tyrion - The Imp


why hello there. Im f2p and been searching for a good clan since the dawn of time. I have around a 70-80% win rate on ranked. private matches around a 100% against rank 1 players. I never lose in chat.
Want to know why it is 70-80%? It’s because of p2p players like RxF… rip.
Im quite active as well: Definitely in the summer!

Anyways, these are my mechs:

I normally play 2v2 with my heat and phys mech, the last one is if people want a 3v3 in chat.
See you in SM! :slight_smile:


If only I wasn’t lazy to play then maybe I am qualified to join


They are full now :joy:


Can i join… It’s me… RasberryBleach v.2


No…Some members need to be replaced


Can i be in reign reforged???


Hi Guys!
I tried to apply to Reign Reforged soo many times. Perhaps now I will manage? I do 2v2 with good builds.


We were watching… be patient…
Just try your best.



can i join my id is 17932560


Nice pic change oliboy


thanks RasperryBleach2



Post must be at least 20 charactersUpload…(Really?)


yes add me lannister , im a good 1v1 player with a 79% win rate xD

no for real add me im pretty good


Hi Lannister,
I tried to PM you several times, with no effect. Can we get in touch somehow?


lannister i would like to join i am pretty active and i win 70-80% of times


ive been in shiro bank robbers old rulers and 3 other top clans
so if ur interested reply me


HTK still best. Unlike Reign Reforged, we have morals!



Post must be at least 20 characters