Reign Reforged looking for player rank 1


Hi Pilots.
We are "Reign Reforged’s clan, seeking for new member rank 1 :
General Requirements :

  1. Active Player
  2. 130 arena Points or higher
  3. Honest and good atitude


I need a clan that is really good

anything about ranks? and you should also take into consideration the community


Lol I only have 108 arena points


I’m comming…


130 arena points means Rank 1 Full Stars.

Don’t know what you mean, but i think the proper answer is no. :slight_smile:


Really? What’s up with mercenary mentality. Y u no like Rakuen?

We need you bro, we will be there soon if we progress together. Stick around for two months, you’ll see.

Honestly, I could have requested this spot with RR with 157 arena points this season. Plus number 20-25 spot I held for a while. But there’s a good vibe in our current clan, and made up mostly of forum members. Hope you stay.


I’m waiting…


No offense with the above Lannister, I have great respect for your clan, and I’m sure you guys have a good ethos.


I’ve talked whith Splatter a lot in our discord server bro, before joining i told him i was going to leave for RR later because Reign was my clan before reloaded and joining it back would be like comming back to home.

Anyway i wish good luck for the clan, i think Rakuen has the potential to be the new clan in the top 3.


In that case I understand, all the best there bro. Good games!


Im R1 with 1 star but I have 135 points :thinking:


Yes i was wrong about it, nvm.

Contemplate the “newest” member of Reign Reforged.


1 slot Open. Need fast


Characters limit


Can I join ? I am pretty smart been playing For a few weeks


Umm started like 65 days ago :stuck_out_tongue:


65 days ago ???


Yep 65days ago


ayo @Lannister im gettin rank 1 tomorroe hit me up daddy


@Lannister I get rank 1 now can I join again?