Reign Reforged cheater on camera!

Watch this and you will see what I am on about. I have sent this to @Sarah247 but this is to publically shame him and his clan. Basically, he uses a range 2-4 weapon at range 1 twice, the fact that he uses it twice must show that it cannot be just a ‘one off’ glitch but instead a more serious problem.

It will be funny to see what @Lannister has to say for this…

Tell your exploiting fanboys/girls not to pm me with this…

Cheating starts here, so you don’t have to wait… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Actually its a glitch known to very less people it goes like as soon as the timer starts u click on the weapon and even if its not range it will work u have to click hell fast :; to me i discovered this glitch when i used to play fast on computer but then i moved to mobile so i never saw it again as i play lazily here
I used to thought they fixed this glitch lol
They must fix it as i see it now being exploited and known to many bad people @Sarah247 :slight_smile:

If this is the case, please do not publish such information on the forums but email Sarah instead because you have how exposed this to all the ‘bad people’ in the game.

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Lell …now all know this exploit
And …Whoever now use it; is an intentional cheater and a very worse person who has not even slightest shame … haha now lets see who use this. lol lets see those cheaters !
And i thought it was fixed cuz its a little tricky to do i hope this get fixed asap!
I will mail it fast to devs

Alright Kig. We get it, you want to wash off the ‘cheater’ mark. NOT GONNA WORK.
People, this is Kig Blinc on Killymachine (Poor child)'s account. Killy gave him password so he can hack and give him mythical. Now he is trying to cover up his trails by using old trick, accuse Reign of cheating!

I never gave KIG my user + pass, why would I trust KiG? Marija is part of reign so I think her comment is rying to cover up for Lannister&Co. I’m going to flag her comment. Moreover, Marija cannot argue with the facts.

Dont lie now. We all saw Kig writing on top chat with Killy account.

Show us.
I would never risk my account for some petty myths/tokens…

I have a life. I dont screenshot everything I see in this game.
You should also get a life.