Reign Forever - Recruitment Post


Um, guys this is my recruitment topic. I just need a member for clan, nothing else


@Marija,i see your dad is going well lol.


Yes, but this isnt the topic about original reign xD
Btw, I got a member, clan is full :slight_smile:


I know i know.
Just showing your dad is doing lol.


Free place, clan is 9th currently. Rank 4 is condition :slight_smile:


2 places free xD
Rank 5 as requirement, clan is open


Free place again :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


@Marija Can I be back? My little brother left the clan and then there was no vacant place. I didn’t leave clan myself and your clan has now my best friend hli so please can I get back? Hope you understand.


What rank are you? Because I put rank 5 as condition


I am rank 6 currently deranked due to season end


Someone took place in meanwhile, I ll let you know when free again


Ok thanks tell me at once.


I have a free place @SantaClemente , should I save it?


Free place once again, clan is 9th


What’s the minimum rank ???


I put 4, its the end of week


Still free place… rank 5 as condition , can lower it


Can i Join? Srry Im AN Old Player :slight_smile:


Need 2 members, clan is 10th due to 22/24


can I join
rank 5 right now, normally get to rank 4 at the end of the week