Reign Forever - Recruitment Post


Free place opened. I put rank 4 as condition, but can lower it if no one joins soon.
Clan is 12th place right now


Just wanted to keep this alive for you, @Marija


Thanks, I hope we will find member soon :slight_smile:


Can I join please?

Exceptionally high rank and work really hard. I always do 10 battles a day and super helpful with titan.


You do 10 battles per week…


Btw, I lowered the condition to rank 5, whoever is the fastest, gets the place lol


Fast enough? :grin: I made it!


Yaay, congrats and welcome :slight_smile:


може ти к нам топ 34 ищу игроков зара з 24з24 но все исправлю


Yes @Marija I play daily. I am not more offline than 2 days. And thanks. You are big inspiration for me in the game. Also, I am still learning not an expert like u…


That was sweet.



And I have no words for you. You are just fabulous…


Say that to @Marija



Both of you deserve it :smiley:


Awww thank you very much :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I really appreciate your opinion :smiley:
I will be happy to invite you, as soon as I have a free place :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot. Very eager to hear from you.


I have a free place, condition is rank 4 for joining without invite, but if you are currently lower rank , pm me


Free place again xD
I put rank 5 as condition, if you are lower pm :slight_smile:


Free place in clan, put rank 4 as condition, can lower it if needed :slight_smile:


Tell me if you need a clan… i keep leaving My clans