Register / Login // My current issue

I haven’t played Super Mechs for ages so I have forgotten my password so I click the ‘Forgot Password’ link but I need my user name but I have forgot my user name as well + I have only one gmail account ( I cant make another for some reason ) .

What can I do to help myself ?

Do you have any ideas to what your username could be? I can have a search for it.

Otherwise you will have to contact support via email with the email you used to sign up with and hopefully they can locate the account :slight_smile:

I think my name might have ‘Mark’ or ‘Adv’ in and I think my name might be ‘AdvMark2’ but I tried the ‘Forgot Password’ and it said the user name or gmail does not exist :frowning:

There are quite a few marks but a few less advs. Any idea when you started using this account to help narrow it down?

It should be before August 2017 and between 2016 I think.

SuperMechs has changed completely because of the amount of time I haven’t played on it
I hope my account gets searched / found :smiley:

Member search function has just died on me :frowning: Will try again later.

Ok thanks, If you can find an account via gmail account I can give you my gmail but not password :slight_smile:

Didn’t find anything at the moment :confused: Theres nothing for AdvMark2 and I tried looking for similar under adv and mark. Sorry.

Best to send an email over to support and ask if a username is attached to the email you used.

How can I find support ?

Email [email protected]. You’ll need to just explain you’ve forgotten your username.

Ok thanks for your help :smiley: Have a nice day !


I sent a message to support 2 hours ago and haven’t got a reply of they have finished . Do they usually take this long ?

Tacticsoft is a relatively small game and therefore doesn’t have a 24/7 support line. It is also the weekend currently. Hopefully they’ll get back to you tomorrow!

Ok thanks, I have one more question,

If I leave super mechs ( Whilst being a Guest ) will all my progress go ?

It sometimes disappears… Best to register it to a new account just in case (make sure its an email you can access)

If you manage to get your original account back you can then swap to that or keep to your new one. (SM has a policy of one account per person so don’t use both)

The big problem is, my gmail acc is already used but I dont know my user name so that involves me not being able to register :frowning:

Just create a new email.

I tried creating a new email but it keeps saying an age requirement thingy. -.-

use instead of :slight_smile: Both will work and go to the same email address.