Register for our Closed Beta


Hello Pilots,

As many of you know the team at Tacticsoft has been working hard on a new game balance that we are very excited about.
We have now reached the stage where we start playtesting different parts of this new balance, and we have decided to allow selected players to join in on the testing.

If selected, you’ll be given a chance to give direct feedback to the Tacticsoft team and influence the final version that will be released to players.

Register for the Closed Beta here —>CLOSED
If you are selected you will be notified by email with instructions on how to access, play, what to focus on with each test, and how to provide feedback.



Close Beta FAQs

Q: What is a Closed Beta?
A Closed Beta is a testing phase where we gather feedback from our Pilots.

Q: When will the Closed Beta access begin?

Q: Who will be selected to participate in the Closed Beta?
Pilots that completely fill out the Form are eligible to be a tester. Not all players that register will become testers.

Q: How will I know if I have been selected?
If you are selected you will receive an email with the instructions on how to participate.

Q: How many players do you plan on inviting to the Closed Beta?
The number of players we invite will be based on our testing needs.

Q: What languages does the Closed Beta support?
Only English will be available testing phases.

Q: When will the Closed Beta be released to the public?
This all depends on the data and feedback we collect.

Q: Can I talk about my experience to a friend or online?
You can talk about your experience but CANNOT share screenshots or videos about it.


What is the chance I can get in?

Why do we have to put our ID?

Why do you want to know which games I play too?


Great questions.
As of now, I have only posted for beta testers on the forum.
While I can’t promise anything if you sign up now you will have a good chance to participate.
User Ids are needed to identify what players are signed up to the beta.
Lastly, we are curious what other games our players are playing. It helps us understand our players better.

I hope you will join!




Finger crossing

And even if you don’t know yet when will the Closed Beta begin, do you know when testers subscriptions/selections will end ?


You may have answered this already but… When do you think the beta will begin? And if I’m selected when should I expect and email.


We are not sure yet but we will let everyone know.


Yes, you will receive an email if you are selected.
The start date is still being determined.


Ahh!!! I am so excited. This should be an awesome Beta!


You imagine if they let me into the program, how happy my fans would be :wink:


Means only players that still here since BETA can test?


All players have an equal chance to be selected as beta testers.
Just fill in the form including all the required information.


No those player who play games of your Rival companies have less chance

Just a joke Buddy


This is cool. Hopefully i get picked. ^.^


I want to participate in this test. After reading the patch notes, I’m very interested. :heart:


Should have a question like “why you think you deserves to be a tester?” in the form.


I’m Very Interested Here.I Want To Participate Too!