Regeneration Module

Righto, I have done my contribution now I shall die for a year once more

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Thank you for your time, be safe! :grin:

Ok then 3 of them and you’ve already won the game

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30% totally.

He didn’t mean 30% on 1 module.

This idea its just like the banned repair drones :frowning:

Since all weve been getting in the last months was sacrifice items, i think it’s time for regeneration items now.

My money is on LM versions of everything. Includes a superb frantic brute (Miron named the yet to be born baby here).


You can be sure that, if there is a way to make money, the new module/shield will be L-M

soooo, 4 could cause 60% healing? boi nope
plat plates can be added to it
make it 10% per module

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It could be 10%/module.
4 modules + The Arena Shop buff, all togeter it could regenerates 45-50%