Regarding the base feature


I have heard about the base update… But it hasn’t came out yet… When will it?


it is already available on mobile but not on pc’s and laptop’s.
im glad i dont have it. it is very bad


No no no no no no no no you dumbass

You’re giving incorrect information.

The new base feature is there for new accounts created. It is not currently here for anyone who already had an existing account. This is speculated to be because of the fact that devs want to Test try it out on new players.


Also, how do you know if it’s bad or not if you’ve never had it?

Don’t let others words and opinions become your own. This is especially important in THIS PARTICULAR forum as many players band together


I am looking foward to it


That thing is freaking out my mobile 2nd account.


Why do you have a second account for?

Alternate acc.


But for what reason.


for fun.
also i create multiple accounts to enjoy buying a prem box with 135 tokens


do you like my prof pic?
(say no)


but it costs 75 tokes/box… why you pay 135 tokens?


i keep 50 tokens, get 25 more and buy another box.


Stop feeding everyone false information and potential cancer plsnthx


I think it has been cancelled…

Pretty bad idea considering the average feedback of the community when it was included to new accounts…^^


lmao my lmfao.


i wonder what it’s like