Hey guys! Since we have moved to this fancy new forum I thought I would drop a link here to the Signature Generator so that we dont end up loosing it over time.


Thank you! I could not find a way to retrieve my signature!
I would just like to point out that it does not mention my score, flag and in game name correctly.
My score should be 30190, the flag should be that of Lebanon and my in game name should be quite simply ‘George’.


why did you eternally cuck yourself for sayan by putting his name in you BOAT medal?

that’s insane.


I don’t wanna add fuel to wire or anything like that, but are we just about to witness the first flame war on this new forum?

NOTE: I totally discourage flame wars between players and would myself never resort to it in future.


Lmao, turned the New Events Poll into a 200 post long mess, gj guys.


its not about starting a flame war I’m genuinely curious how somebody could put so much hard work and effort into acheiving such a good score and then put someone else’s name on it.


Maybe the other person played an important role in achieving that score or maybe that other person was a mentor? Something like that. I’m not specially talking about George-sayan just talking in general.


The team I formed exclusively to help me with the process consisted mostly of ‘T’ players.
I played the entire era alone, receiving only resources and armour support from my teammates.
My in game names that era were ‘Best in the World’, ‘Roses of Sorrow’ and ‘George’. I finished the era with the latter name.
My signature generates an in game name I used on E1 Era 26 in late July 2015, Fluffeh handover-ed his rank one spot to me therefore I dedicated it for a long time friend because he had decided to quit.
I earned my best of all time spot a year later in August 2016 but unfortunately it still generated the name of my friend.
Ultimately, I did not mention my friend’s name in the era I earned my spot in the best of all time list, it’s simply the mechanism behind the signature that’s not functional. The two pictures illustrate the problem. Fix it please.


lol lately I’m seeing too many answers with this post withdrawn text. :joy:


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Shame there’s no signature section on this forum, I enjoyed seeing everyone’s pictures. I remember Kamikaze used to make custom ones for everyone and they were amazing :smiley: