Refer a friend? not working?

Does refer a friend work?

When i try to click on the “click here to send invite” it does nothing.

Am i doing something wrong? can someone clearly tell me what to do if it does work please

Can you pl upload the screenshot of what exactly is happening after you click?
It will help us to understand and help you better.

I think Refer a friend was taken down after Nopy abused it? or maybe just the rewarding part of it? @Elcent

When i click on it, it does nothing.

i am using chrome which automatically has flash inbuilt

Thats probably set to open an email application with a pre written email for you to send.
Use the link thats slightly below it.

As far as I’m aware it should work as its a great way of getting more players into the game.

yes i can send the link to people but will i get tokens for it?

No reason why it wouldnt work. Just remember they need to get 30power which might take a few days or never happen if they never relog.

so all i have to do is send them an email, they click on it, and when they rech power level 30 i will get the tokens?

Yep, :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks for your help, you have been great. A bit confusing for me how it worked but thatnks

you can share it to friends via any platform. doesnt have to be an email.

I smell Nopy.……