Reduce multi-accounts

After being a good time inactive I have returned. Trying to overcome my serious problems and end my depression. But good today I came to talk about multi accounts. c:

The multi accounts were a small problem in the game, as it was very easy to create and I do not think it is so bad to start again, but having 6, 7, 8 to 9 accounts is already somewhat exaggerated.

So I think making it difficult to create new accounts would not be bad. C:
For example:
-The email you posted sends you a message to start the game. (Because the majority puts emails that do not exist)
-You can put 2 accounts in your email. But the game will ensure that you do not create other accounts. (Sorry for the youtubers trying to teach something v:)

And with this reduction of accounts, you can implement purchases, changes and sales in the game. (But there will have to be moderators also playing to see what the players are doing)

Here is the best Excision event. Lost Lands boiiiiiiiiiiis

Att- The one who knows most about Dubstep. <3


I know everything about Dubstep.

Your idea is good about multi accounts, I support you. End your depression by realising that everything you do has value. It is not easy but when you realise it it begins the end. For example, this post you created is very valuable to me. I enjoyed it. Good luck!


If someone really want to waste his life they create multi account.

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Stopping users from playing without approving an email would turn 1000s of players away. Sad but true :frowning:


@Tomatiico I don’t like dubstep songs with lyrics in it but that’s just me.
My “Accounts”

Members: 1) Subscribe To Dwightx 2) Dwightx Fan Girl 3) Dwightx Clan Is The Best 4) Dwightx Is A YouTuber 5) Where Is Dwightx 6) I Miss You Dwightx 7) Is Dwightx Real 8) Dwightx Body Guard 9) Dwightx Plays Minecraft 10) OMG-Its-Dwightx 11) DwightxWasHere 12) TheDwightx27 13) Dwightxs BBW DayDay 15) DwightxLovesGirls 16) 50ShadesOFDwightx 17) DwightxRocks69 18) DwightxMaxMythicals 19) Dwightx The Night Owl 20) DwightxYT

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Jesus Christ

I only have 2 accounts; Xzyckon as my main and Xzycko as my secondary. ‘Xzycko’ was a previous alias I used that evolved into ‘Xzyckon’.

mfw my secondary account isn’t locked in this item limit/fusion cost nonsense but I want to play on my main smh



The use of multi accounts does not bring any benefit.
I would only agree that they implement a new way to register accounts and avoid the use of “multi accounts” so that players can sell and exchange things with each other.


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^^ wrong, it does :exclamation:


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How long it took you to find the bluz accounts always look like you have the images on hand at precisely the right time :smile:

I don’t use the accounts they just fill up the clan

Multi accounts should not be an issue at all. (in SM)

That rule is just stupid tbh.

However… if you use those multiple accounts to gain an advantage or for malicious purposes… example, deliberately losing to members of certain clans just to boost their rankings… or using other accounts to stalk and harass users… this should be the only problem with having multiple accounts.

If you just want to play on multiple accounts, you should be allowed to. The rule should be changed to reflect this.


Multiple accounts make you lose time.


and wich would be? (honest question im really wondering that)

Disagreed. I feel that players should be able to make multi accounts if they feel so. I am the owner of several accounts and do enjoy playing on them. If you reduced that ability, you would end up reducing an exciting aspect of the game. If players feel they want to make a new account, let them use their time and resources to do so

Hope that helps :grey_exclamation:


I don’t give a damn about their rules man. I play by my own rules.

Well. Understand BPOTW that people who make multiple accounts are just unsure of what their main account should be and which others to abandon. If I see one of my accounts aren’t doing to well and/or aren’t good in modern supermechs, I just don’t use it anymore and proceed to shorten my accounts to my best ones and then whichever one does the best that should be my main account. I haven’t decided on my main account yet but I currently have shortened them all down to 3 accounts.

you ask that tactisoft let you share articles between accounts?.

how deluded they are, those who even think that maybe they even take the trouble to think about it. they have done everything they can to restrict this game to the unique and eclusive function of “buy tokens” and obtain greater profits, affecting the players in order to feed their other games (they still do not understand that supermechs it’s your best game, the others just just whims of games that have not worked).

Maybe one day Supermechs can be what it once was.

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