Redemption portal

What is it?
• It’s a portal that’s made to have a drop rate of 50% to drop on first clear on each difficutly of all the past item portals that are L-M. It’s like Unicorn but it doesn’t focuses on the gold reward, the token reward and the xp reward but rather it focuses on the actual items that it drops. The box you get on the first clear reward has a 75% chance to be a 3 item box. 40% being a 4 item and 10% of it being a 5 item draw.

• The difficulty is highly dependant on the build but I hope it’s made so that each build doesn’t breeze past this as it has an equal amount of energy, physical and heat tanks/buggies blocking the path to the boss.

• I think having around 8 enemies. 2 enemies of each type meaning that there are 2 physical, one being a tank and another being a buggy, same with energy and heat. The last enemy being a boss that could have inspiration from the Top players such as the Ene-Power cell hugger. The double sorrow, Double val pusher builds and etc.

The physical buggy has double mercies and the tank has frantic brute.
The energy buggy has double ener version of mercy (idk what) and the tank has valiants
The heat buggy has double heat version of mercy (idk what again) and tank has sorrows or something stronger?

Why have this event?
• There are lot of players here just hoping to get the good items and


We need something like this.

A ‘‘We’re sorry’’ Portal to say ‘‘Yes,we care,so let us make up for your hardships’’.

So nice…But I see we’re both die-hard idealists.

Energy version of mercy is bulldog
Heat version of mercy is Reckoning

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20 character minimum
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