[RED RAIN] Okay Devs... this one was an Epic Fail... time to fix


The saddest thing about Red Rain is that it appears quite frequently in the boxes, I have accumulated 4 of these … but the shower is very difficult to obtain.

We do not want Red Rain, we want Shower! Change the rate of fall! Shower, Bunker, Magma, Platinum Plate, that’s what people want! Not Red Rain!

If you want people to play more, you must give them the elements to compete. We don’t want crap, we want better drop rates of good items.


He was the creator of the topic so it’s fine.


Yes please, 4 of them.



Quad magma builds intensifies.




I have 7 of them, never went for searching them :exclamation:

Even not in use … lets introduce trading, a very special one, only trading is allowed between you and me :exclamation:

@Berserk40000 thank you for telling the develepers to add this very special feature :exclamation:





Plz give me one :3 PLzZZZZZZzZZ


Ill take them of course.


Ok …


… 3 is more than enough to have on one mech :exclamation:

Now you just need to convince @Mohadib to let us trade … very easy to do this :exclamation:




Easy like change one kid’s diaper :joy:


Red rain without energy would be widely used . Sad about it’s stats . On a side note I would trade 2 plates for a magma right now .