.:xXSupremeXx:. Recruitment

I am looking for stronger players to recruit in to .:xXSupremeXx:.!
Right now there are no requirements on rank! If you are rank 8+ that would be ideal!
Atleast 5 wins per day
If you go inactive try to let me know, so I don’t get suspicious and boot you!
Please don’t be toxic or rude in clan chat. If any non SM related conversations come up in clan chat I’ll ask 3 time to private message each other. After 3rd warning I boot you.
If you have any question on builds, or if you need any tips, I love giving advice!
Only 2 spots left as of right now, unless you can prove that you deserve to join!
Here is the clan as of right now. Please come and join! We’d love to have you!

From LolllerieBot-009 up usually achieve rank 5-2


I would join but My highest ever rank is rank 8

that’s fine actually, we have 1 extra spot now.