Recruitment (Maintenance Team, Wiki Team)

Hey guys,

We’re looking for nice people to form (or lead :stuck_out_tongue: ) the new Maintenance Team (BD), Wiki Team (BD/SM) and some of which eventually the mod team (depending on hows things go there :slight_smile: ).

To join the Maintenance Team you need to be reliable, mature and able to keep a secret – You’ll be helping to test new BD updates, help maintain different events and so on around both, forums and game (given some opportunity :slight_smile:).

Wiki is, of course, about maintaining the wiki. Lots of game knowledge needed about either of the games, good english knowledge… And we need to be able to trust you.

We’re also looking a bit more ambiguously for players who take initiative - who like to set things up and lead small efforts within (or heading) one of the teams. Only way to apply for that, is by simply taking initiative and I will take note on how it goes. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you think you can help, great! It would really, really help Battle Dawn (or Super Mechs, for that wiki) and we may even give out blues if appropriate (but please don’t count on it, ask for it or the likes… shouldn’t be why you join!). Can be a fun way to meet more people too!

If not, pass this on to someone who does and help us that way? We’d appreciate. :heart:


Add me on skype: dreamerofdestruction


We have an amazing Admin in Alexander who is doing what he can to revive this game, however, he cannot do it alone. If you have ideas on how to improve this game, joining the Maintenance team and getting first hand experience on what goes behind implementing an update, will help us and you with your future suggestions. Just a thought.


I read the requirements and I guess I am interested with respect to BattleDawn Maintenance Team.
Add me on skype in order to explain to me so I can get more in depth with the whole process.

My skype is: george.battledawn (but I guess most of you already have it!)



Hi @Alexander
I have sent you a message on Skype a day or so ago but have not received a reply. I was in the MT before its reform back in 2013/2014 and would certainly be interested in helping out, and prehaps even helping lead the team.

Let me know if you need anything,

I’ve messaged you on Skype about this. awaiting a response

Y’all ain’t cool enough for the maintenance hood :peace:

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Wiki as mentioned to some (sorry :stuck_out_tongue:) will wait until after this feature update.

Sorry George, as mentioned in the thread you have to contact us on skype to join, didn’t really consider anything in the topic.

Hit me up if you’re still interested and we’ll discuss you, any help is welcome really… Just need to be a little picky sometimes, though hopefully it should be fine :slight_smile:

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Are there still positions in the MT open @Alexander?

I would like to participate.
How can I join it?

Is the recruitment still open?

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