Recruitment (AANC Mentors) (Reviving the AANC!)


Want to help out the newbies? Or return the favour, which a mentor once did to you?
Do you love BattleDawn, speak the English language fluently, and know every little detail about the game?
Then apply to become a mentor!

(In-Depth knowledge of the game is necessary)

Fill the following form out and send it to myself or @elcent to be reviewed and possibly accepted.

Note: You MUST PM the form to us either on forums or on Skype. Posts in this or any other thread will be ignored.

In game name (IGN)/ Name:
Experience/Year you joined BD:
Timezone (in GMT please):
Language(s) you could mentor in:
Contact details including Skype username:
Why you want to be a mentor:
Why we should accept you as a mentor:
How much time are you willing to invest in the mentor system:
Any extra Info you would like us to consider:

Skype is required for all mentors. Possible interviews will also be conducted on skype.

Our skype id for further questions:
Energy- energy_191
Elcent- elcent95



Don’t mind me. Just here posting a thing.


Doing pretty much the same xD.

PMed you El.


Consider this my application. Not going to actually fill out that sheet.


PM’d @elcent on skype.


uhh joined in OC but only learned how to play last year? maybe 2 years ago
+5 GMT i think im EST
AeronXX2 is skype


Idm Mentoring new players


energy wants to kill me on skype so i guess i should apply for real :joy:
IGN:youssefkh rarely use it though
age:3 and half
Exp:started playing yesterday
skype:forgot it ask E to check my skype
i wnna be a mentor cuz i am a noob so i can talk well with my fellow noobs
u should accept me or else ill bully u on skype
enough time to teach noobs assigned
i have funny memes


I read the requirements. Anyway, I will simply fill the application here.

In game name (IGN)/ Name: George - Roses of Sorrow - Wounds of Sadness
Age: 16
Experience/Year you joined BD: 2010
Timezone (in GMT please): GMT +2
Language(s) you could mentor in: French (native and full professional proficiency),
Arabic (full professional Proficiency), English (full professional proficiency)
Contact details including Skype username: george.battledawn (my Skype)
Why you want to be a mentor: Because I like BattleDawn and want to teach new players how to play the game and especially because I reached a certain level of experience where I guess it’s time for me to move on from playing to win towards teaching a new generation of players.
Why we should accept you as a mentor: I’m dedicated, reliable and have an excellent knowledge of the game. I like to answer questions, give constructive and logical answers, and help players think critically especially with regards to the strategic aspect of BattleDawn.
How much time are you willing to invest in the mentor system: As much as I can, you know…
Any extra Info you would like us to consider: none, thank you for working on bringing back the AANC.

Best regards,



Pls read lmfao it says MUST lol


I can’t read, can you tell me again pls?


Please for the sake of the game, while teaching others, teach them to fight that’s what makes this game fun, don’t ally everyone and settle for 2nd that’s what ruins the game, even a back stab is a better choice than ■■■■■ out of an era :P! And remove prizes for 2nd and 3rd :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone
Thank you for your applications! :slight_smile:

We will be closing applications tomorrow so if you still plan to apply please do so soon.

Please remember to send applications to myself or @EnerGY.


Appreciate your efforts for reviewing this.

I would just like to add that there were a lot of players on the old AANC thread who were looking for mentors but unfortunately as the AANC was dysfunctional God knows what happened to them.
Bazinga, Malice & George did try to help by providing their personal contact info if players are had any queries regarding gameplay not sure if that worked or not. I think those players should be contacted again.

This reminds me I haven’t seen any post by Baz up till now. Is he aware of this new forum?
I honestly miss him.

22 / f / california looking for big strong man to show me around :)

Im hoping all those players can be directed to the new AANC, thanks to @Alexander we should be able to mass message every new player to a specific forum thread (which will be created in the future), where the new players can be assigned to their respective mentors.


What about Super Mechs? (maybe I play bd if future)


Looks like I’m a bit late for new forums,


@EnerGY can u be my mentor bud? ill unblock your skype if you agree


he is dirty cheater never unblock him.

ur better off with beso